Tra Nguyen Pianist


CD reviews

"This fifth volume of piano works by Brahms’s older contemporary Raff finds the excellent Nguyen playing with intelligence and devotion—especially the ambitious Grande Sonate." ****
Jusica Duchen, BBC Music Magazine, June 2015


"Nguyen’s interpretations of Raff are peerless. She inhabits the music. As this series has progressed, so has our indebtedness to her for shining a light on such an important part of Raff’s oeuvre. Unreservedly recommended." *****
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Mark Thomas, – The essential Raff reference, March 2015


"This is the fifth volume in Tra Nguyen’s traversal of Raff’s solo piano works, and she makes a very strong and passionate champion."
David Denton, David’s Review Corner‎, March 2015


"Album of the week...a chance to hear Vietnam's leading pianist in coruscating form."
Michael Church, The Independent


"... we are indeed fortunate to finally have the Suite available on CD from Sterling in a performance of surpassing keyboard artistry and passion."
Stephen Haller, American Record Guide


"...This is a wonderful discovery, and it’s astonishing that that a score of such quality should have avoided anything other than an isolated radio recording before now...The soloist in the Suite is Tra Nguyen – born in Vietnam, a student of Lev Naumov in Moscow and Christopher Elton in London, which she now makes her home – who proves in this, her first concerto recording, that she has technique to burn and an instinctive feel for narrative pace; she delivers with the kind of conviction that suggests she has known the music all her life."
Martin Anderson, International Piano


"...The nimble-fingered soloist, the young British-Vietnamese pianist Tra Nguyen, despatches the Mendelssohnian filigree writing with stylish aplomb. Altogether an engaging and attractive discovery."
Jeremy Nicholas, Gramophone


Concert reviews

"... Tra Nguyen's sophisticated and shimmering piano playing forms a great chamber music dialogue..."


"... Tra Nguyen demonstrates opulent virtuosity in an operatic paragraph of Franz Liszt..."
Recklinghäuser Zeitung


"The most telling section of the movement, however, was Nguyen’s lengthy solo cadenza, in which she managed an almost imperceptible gradation from initial wistfultendresse to final forceful bravado with riveting panache. Although applause at the end of each movement is frowned upon in the West, here it seemed entirely appropriate after such a display of thrillingly intelligent pianism. ... The night undoubtedly belonged to Nguyen, who showed herself to be a virtuoso capable of coupling power with poetry and intelligence with a commanding technique. ... Tra Nguyen’s is a name to look out for … it is particularly satisfying, therefore, that such an accomplished artist should have developed an enthusiasm for Raff’s forgotten works."
Mark Thomas - RAFF.ORG


"Rich with poetry and lyricism, Tra's touch is profound, subtle, and at the same time deeply intellectual."
Minh Chau - Music Magazine


"Vietnamese-born Tra Nguyen gave a powerful performance of Rachmaninov's emotionally-charged 3rd Piano Concerto. She thrilled the sell-out audience with an exhibition of scintillating technique - and her enjoyment of the work was obvious. Her interpretation of the piece encapsulated its diverse emotional content as she balanced both strength and subtlety of the music which ranged from the melancholic to the rapturous."
Alison Croose - Eastern Daily Press